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Rent a vacuum truck to remove sand or soil

Do you have a vacuum truck that is malfunctioning or doesn’t do the job? Or is there a need in your company to temporarily obtain extra capacity in the short term? At Methorst Rental & Sales, we offer you the possibility to rent one of our advanced vacuum trucks! Our extensive fleet consists of 9 vacuum trucks, 1 blower combination and 1 container truck. Suction technology is often a faster and safer method than traditional digging. Our vacuum trucks can be used to clear cables, pipes, tree roots, roof gravel, basements, and crawl spaces. Renting a vacuum truck from Methorst Rental & Sales includes extensive operating instructions. And our expert staff is also available for guidance or operation. Do you have a large amount of soil or building materials that needs to be removed? Renting a vacuum truck is the perfect solution! Please contact us directly for a free quote. We will be happy to discuss available options and rates.

You can use vacuum technology to remove the following (building) materials:

Our vacuum trucks are very suitable for removing sand, soil, clay, debris, stones, gravel, liquids, sludge, spoil, powders, fly ash and cement. For removing loose, solid, wet and dry substances it is best to rent a vacuum truck from Methorst Rental & Sales.

Check out our advanced vehicles:

Zuigwagen Methorst Zuigtechniek LBG 3


Zuigwagen Methorst Zuigtechniek LBG 4

LBG 4 

Zuigwagen LBG 6


Zuigwagen Methorst Zuigtechniek LBG 7

LBG 7 

Zuigwagen Methorst Zuigtechniek LBG 8


Zuigwagen Methorst Zuigtechniek LBG 11

LBG 11

Zuigwagen Methorst Zuigtechniek ZW002


Zuigwagen Methorst Zuigtechniek ZW003


Zuigwagen Methorst Zuigtechniek ZW004


Blaascombinatie Methorst Zuig- en Blaastechniek

Blower combination

Vacuümtruck Methorst Zuig- en Blaastechniek

Vacuum truck

Containerwagen Methorst Zuigtechniek | Rental & Sales

Container truck 

Rent a vacuum truck from Methorst Rental & Sales

Do you want to remove sand, soil or debris? With our special suction equipment, you can effortlessly remove materials, even in hard-to-reach places and up to a distance of 130 metres! Renting a suction truck from Methorst Rental & Sales assures you of clear agreements, competitive rates and professional suction equipment that is inspected according to the guidelines of the SIR (Stichting Industriele Reiniging) and the SBG (Stichting Belangenvereniging Grondzuigen). Choose the professional vacuum trucks from Methorst Rental & Sales and ask for a free quote today.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What to do if excavation should be done safely?
  • How can I dispose of soil efficiently without causing too much nuisance to the surrounding area?
  • I need to remove soil or sand in places that are difficult to reach. How do I do this?

The advantages of Methorst Rental & Sales:

  • Professional soil suction machines for rent for various activities.
  • We offer capacities from 1 to 25 cubic metres of storage.
  • Distances can be bridged up to 130 metres.
  • Machines are available for rent per week*
  • Rent for longer periods at a discounted rate.
  • We can deliver the machines at your location.
  • Machine instructions are clearly explained to you by our experienced staff.
  • Extensive operating instructions and guidance from our own staff is also available.

*Cleaning machines can be rented for shorter periods.

Contact us to rent a vacuum truck with or without operating personnel

Methorst Suction and Blowing Technology is the market leader in the field of soil suction. We guarantee professional equipment and clear agreements. We are active throughout the Netherlands for insulation companies, governments, installation companies and construction companies, and for private clients and associations. Feel free to contact us to discuss the costs and available options of renting a professional vacuum truck.

For enquiries: please call 0318 711 002 or email info@methorst-infra.nl.